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currently, the singular strike super mod feels very situational. there aren't many builds/weapons (that i'm aware of) that can use it effectively and the buff only applies in builds with low projectile count

therefore, i'd like to suggest a rework (or a new super mod):
instead of giving a buff for lower projectile counts, the mod instead merges all your projectiles into a giant bullet. this bullet gains/loses stats based on your projectile count, (for example, +X% damage, size, blast radius and -X% rate of fire (and maybe velocity) where X is something like 5*proj. count.)

this would still keep the "HUGE bullet" feeling of singular strike while allowing for some wiggle room in terms of buildcrafting and possible synergy (ex: salvo: each missile counts as 1/5th of a projectile and you shoot a single, massive missile that grows based on your stockpile number)

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Under consideration Quality of Life Super Mod

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