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so from my perspective wild is a fine idea. its just that it lacks the wild flavour.
i think the recursive wild mods need to be looked at and redesigned to maybe be more like solar heart. solar heart is currently the only recursive wild mod that scales both in a positive and negative way with the number of wild mods you have and thats makes it interesting because you habe to think about every copy of it that you add and about every other wild nod you pick. if more recursive wild mods had some kind of positive and negative duality with the number of (recursive) wild mods you have it could turn out quite more interesting. the scaling does not need to be quite as extreme as solar heart but at least be something you have to think about a little.

Suggested by: Tracer/Treyell (he/him) Upvoted: 16 Feb Comments: 0

Under consideration Quality of Life Wild Mod

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