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Full idea: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hyhRVv6iDRKUuSBVqd3vgyYRveVtRdbT

Reworks current Mine Tree (https://novadrift.featureupvote.com/suggestions/88846) + adds specialized Mine Trees (Loaded, Auto, Defensive).

Defensive Mine Tree:

Tier 1: Defensive Mines
* Your mines don't deal mine dmg, but can collide w/ enemies+meteors to deal crash dmg
* +150% Mine max hull
* +100% Mine size
* Your mines regen 2% of their max hull

Tier 2: ?
* Crash into your mines to give them velocity. They don’t take crash dmg from you. You take 50% less crash dmg when you crash into them (vs. into enemies).
* Mine crash dmg increases as collision spd between mine & enemy

Tier 2: Retribution
* Current mod, but w/ 6% hull threshold and can be activated
from mine crash dmg

Tier 3: Reinforced Mines
* +150% Mine max hull
* +100% Mine size
* +50% Mine bullet & crash knockback resistance
* Mine crash gains 25% dmg blast radius
* -40% Mine assembly spd

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