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Ever notice while playing Nova Drift that as one track fades out and another fades in, if there isn't much happening on screen in that moment, you get suddenly hit with silence? A solution for this might be to create a dynamic music library, where the music is a cue for what's about to enter the screen and gets more intense based on things happening in the game. This kind of music application is nothing new, though the first game I saw it used on (to great effect) was FreeSpace II, by Volition. The list below are suggestions what sorts of traits to drive the music.

Average Damage Output
Average Damage Received
Average Targets On Screen
Average Hazards On Screen
Player Score / Player Level
Wave Number

If multiple dynamic music libraries are created, then players could pick which ones they'd randomly like to have thrown in (boss music is still boss music, but might get more intense, and between bosses, the music can be selected at random).

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Under consideration Music/Sound Quality of Life

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