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Inspired from: https://novadrift.featureupvote.com/suggestions/85656

Tier 1:
--> HB orbs are stored and can be activated later.
--> All HB reserves are activated at the same time upon pressing the activation key with increased duration
--> While HB storage capacity is full, collected HB orb can not be stored and used immediately
--> +3 HB storage capacity
--> +50% HB orb drop rate.
--> -40% HB duration

Tier 2: Overflow
--> HB doubles rate of fire.
--> HB doesn't provide regeneration

Tier 2: Rainbow Restoration
--> Shield cool down generates one HB and activates one HB.
--> 20% slower shield cool down speed.
--> +2 HB storage capacity
--> -40% HB duration.

Tier 3:
--> Enemies have small chance dropping HB orbs. (Based on enemy tier)
--> Double HB storage capacity.
--> -10% HB duration.

Supermod = Emergency Systems + Rainbow Restoration
--> Emergency systems generates one HB and activates all HB
--> You can not manually activate HB

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Under consideration Mod Super Mod

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