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[Thank you for the excellent game!]

When using a gamepad, there are currently buttons bound to multiple roles between gameplay and the upgrade menu, creating some unfortunate and frustrating interactions. I have rebound Thrust/Fire to the shoulders (joint-pain reasons), and Deploy Construct from (X) to (Dpad-Down).

- In addition to (A) purchasing an upgrade, Thrust/Fire also perform purchases. This has proven frustrating to me and caused a number of runs to be aborted early on due to accidental input. Instances have included: Trying to set the controller down, reaching for my mouse so I can read the details of a tree, or selecting an upgrade and thinking I'll be returning to gameplay rather than being prompted for a second upgrade (resuming pressing Thrust/Fire).

- When playing as Research, moving the cursor with the Dpad also deletes mods (due to my Deploy Construct binding).

Proposal: Using separate navigation-bindings to avoid overloads between gameplay and menus.

Suggested by: Austin Spafford Upvoted: 12 Apr, '20 Comments: 0

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