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Green nation with a lot of strange mechanics.

Small Ones (Like Scatter Drone - Interceptor):
They have short-medium range blaster weapon that applies vulnerability. Dangerous when vulnerability stacks.

Medium Ones DPS (Like Saucer - Pulsar):
They have medium-long range railgun that ignites. They also dodge attacks like pulsar.

Medium Ones Support (Like Host - Beamcaster):
They are similar to beamcaster. However, their laser weapon deals much less damage while applying slow down.

Large Ones (Like Juggernaut):
They have front grenade launcher that pulls (like polar inversion) you.
They have 2x back kb. weapon similar to station omega's spinnig shooter.

Medium Killer (Like Celestial and Vanguard)
They throw loaded mines towards you. When you get close to the mines Killer attacks his own mines to detonate it. Mines have pulling grenades similar to Large One.
They have 2x high knock back salvo missiles at their back-sides. They tend to deploy those missiles when you go behind them.

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