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Prerequisites: Evolution + Final Tier Drone

Effect: You cannot deploy drones. Your ally becomes a Carrier ally, deploying swarm constructs and drones.
-50% drone hull strength
-25% Carrier ally rate of fire
+25% Carrier ally hull strength
Carrier ally fires a pair of missiles alongside the normal shots
Improved Carrier ally passive enemy attack avoidance

Carrier ally drone limit: 4
Carrier ally swarm limit: 8 basic swarm constructs, 2 standart swarm construct

The idea is to make swarm constructs available to other bodies, as they are a lot of fun. Your modifiers to constructs should still apply, except for drone construct limits, to prevent the number of drones from getting out of hand. It might need more downsides, I don't know if not having drones protect you suffices.

Suggested by: FCK42 Upvoted: 06 Feb Comments: 1

Under consideration Super Mod

Comments: 1

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