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I want a mod tree that helps us not get comboed to death by several rapid hits from an enemy (or by gently caressing stacked burning orbs).
[1] Fade: Upon taking damage that isn't self damage or crash damage, you become immune to damage for 0.3 seconds. During this period, firing your weapon immediately ends the immunity period, and enemy projectiles don't collide with your ship. Mines that hit your ship will be pushed but will not detonate.
+5% thrust
-5% hull regen
+5% shield cooldown time
[2a] Vanish: Your immunity is increased by 0.3 seconds.
[2b] Wraith: While immune, your ship is also intangible, and does not collide with enemy mines or hitboxes, allowing you to pass through them.
+0.1 seconds of immunity
[3] Elude: Projectiles that would hit your ship have a 3.5% chance of being dodged. A dodged projectile cannot damage you if you somehow manage to collide with it again, and will act as if your ship isn't there.
Let me know if there's any questions, also the numbers are ideas.

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