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A wild mod that increases your constructs stats and your ability to create them, at the cost of your own stats. (possibly split into multiple mods)

The positives to these mods would be:
% increase to construct stats, such as rate of fire, hull, shields if available, etc.
% increase to construct assembly speed.
%increase to construct limit, rounded down. This would mean that taking the mod would be useless for a body like architect, would cost more to be effective with allies, and would be only fairly useful for the drones or new carrier body.
Flat increase to constructs damage.

The downsides:
%decrease for your own hull/shields
%decrease in your own rate of fire.
flat decrease in your own weapon damage.
% decrease in thrust, or possibly increased friction.

The point of these mods would be that they allow you to specialize the way you use your constructs. Such as a high construct limit with a ton of drones, but almost no movement speed or a ton of friction.

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Under consideration Wild Mod

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