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[weapon] Grappling Hook/Tether Arrow

for every one: +8% crash damage and resistance, +4% thrust.

Fires one tethered arrowhead shaped projectile with base size similar to Dart. If it doesn't hit an enemy before reaching its max length, or if the target dies before degeneration, it comes back automatically at the same speed. Deals damage on hit, penetrates if kills on 1st hit.

Can deal blast damage. It attaches to targets on hit, like Dart. When attached, deals burn damage the more the tether (you and/or the targets) moves. It starts degenerating after the hit. The max length of the tether is affected by projectile speed; you or your target can't move beyond that length, and start pulling each other. Firing again when attached reels the tether.

version/mutation 1: only one
version/mutation 2: multiple at the same time
version/mutation 3: multiple one at the time

Details: https://discordapp.com/channels/332571728901308428/545481054698340353/683488035534274561

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Under consideration Weapon

Comments: 2

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