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Essentially, make it an innately Burstfire 1 weapon; RoF controls the stockpile rate, and additional projectiles increases the number of missiles in each burst, 1:1 with the stockpile. Give it a flat delay like the mod adds, and additional projectiles essentially function as RoF for alpha-strike purposes, but once your stockpile is empty, you're constrained by your RoF.

I might be missing some reason this won't work, but it's late and I didn't want to forget, because I think it would make Salvo work more intuitively (also, we can have some measure of trigger discipline, instead of "FIRE EVERYTHING" for every common interceptor).

Suggested by: Lprsti99 Upvoted: 10 Jul Comments: 1

Under consideration Quality of Life Weapon

Comments: 1

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