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Rebound: bounces projectiles off ships; less damage on impact.
NOTE: "splinter": rebound is completed, weapon will use Splinter/Blast Radius as normal.
Base mod:
Rebound & Refract
rebounds projectile off other ships
weapon with short range (e.g. Torrent) will refract energy around target, affecting ships close by.
Side mod A:
Unwanted Catch
Weapon bounces from one ship to nearby ships automatically.
*will extend the chain distance for short range weapons like Torrent/Lance or any close ranged energy shots.

Side mod B
Sticky Bomb:
Rebounded projectiles will become sticky and weapon will activate damage after 0.5 seconds of contact
Bottom Mod
Wall Bounce:

Bounces of the wall only once if projectile hits the wall before hitting ship or object.
*Wall Bounce+Warp Strike "Wall bounce" hits wall & "Warp Strike" will activate to the other side of the screen.

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Comments: 1

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