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Start Allies out with 2, maybe even 3 projectiles, vs. the 1 they have in Apex Update.

AFAIK, unupgraded Allies deal less DPS after Apex than before.

IMO their impact on the game is negligible until you get either Interceptor or Guardian. It feels bad to me, for example, in a situation of trying to make an Interceptor build in Wild where maybe you haven't taken a weapon yet since you're trying to save rerolls, and you're at level 10 with 2 points in Ally tree, a body, Elegant Construction, Priority Zero, Tactical Link, a handful of defensive mods, and can barely kill anything.

Starting with more shots won't have as much effect proportionally at the fully-upgraded end so it shouldn't swing the endgame balance too hard (and besides, their influence vs. firing your own weapon is vanishingly small except to clear out asteroid bits or interceptor missiles, if your weapon is slow.)

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