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As it is now, changing from one body/weapon/shield to another is basically a wasted upgrade point. Allowing free changing between gear would run counter to the semirandom upgrade philosophy. Something in-between could be implemented:
- Add a minor bonus after switching, like 1-2% increased damage or HP
- Crazier idea: Give each gear a unique effect which is only enabled when changing to it from a different one, eg. 1 extra base projectile for Split Shot, Warp shield gives 0.4s invincibility when it breaks (adds with Emergency Systems), Battery gains 15% increased Blast Radius, etc.
- Alternative crazier idea: Changing from one gear to another grants a thematically-appropriate buff related to the prior gear, eg. if you change away from Torrent, you keep a 15% rate of fire increase; if you change away from Firefly, your (now smaller) thrusters still deal burn damage.
- Craziest idea: Changing from one gear to another combines their properties into a unique new one.

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Under consideration Quality of Life

Comments: 3

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