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I get this one often, and it's an understandable perspective, especially with the current popularity of twin-stick shooters. But their ubiquity is a big part of why I wanted to do something different. Nova Drift is a "retro-evolution" of an arcade mechanic I felt deserved more exploration.

Forgoing twin-stick controls is core to the design and the titular "Drift" mechanic. Players must learn to set themselves in motion in anticipation of enemy actions, retaliating while drifting in low friction. The result is sort of a graceful fluidity which provides something very different than most twin-sticks and bullet hells, which lean more toward lightning-fast twitch reactions. It also means that positioning and facing matter, which allows for unique abilities that the game leverages, like ramming enemies head-on, burning enemies with your thrusters, or designing around a front-facing shield barrier...

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Comments: 8

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