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Since this doesn't allow the full description that I've posted in requests I'm just going to give a point-by-point summary.

- Similar to how blink's target reticule is in front of the player, this weapon will have a specific area of effect determined by two circles. One big, one small.
- The bigger circle, while firing, will enact a gravitational pull towards the small circle on everything inside its radius.
- Targets inside the radius of the small circle get a constant application of crash damage, since crush damage isn't a thing in this game.
- Projectile size affects ring sizes, projectile amount affects amount of ring pairs but having more divides ring radii among ring pairs.
- Fire rate affects damage application per second.
- Receive 1 self damage per object inside the radius of the small ring.
- I had an idea for it that if you took polar inversion then the weapon would work in reverse and would be like a blastwave generator, flinging things outward instead of pulling in.

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