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A construct mod tree
Tier 1 - Reactor
-A construct which emits an aura that increases the rate of fire of nearby advanced constructs
-The construct is stationary and cannot be moved under any circumstances
Tier 2 - Dependency
-Advanced constructs outside of the reactor's aura will simply sit idle, unable to rotate, move or fire
-Increases the reactor's aura
-Increases the bonus RoF
-Allies can still move, but won't attempt to go out of the reactor's range
Tier 2 - Innovation
-Your reactor's RoF bonus grows with the amount of time it has stayed alive
Tier 3 - Factory
-Increases Reactor construct limit by 1
-Construct assembly time is increased for each active reactor

Super Mod: Base Defenses
-Innovation + Defense Drones
-Your reactor assembles its own drones at a reduced speed
-Your reactor's drones orbit it and aren't affected by formations

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Comments: 5

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