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Currently, when a mod is chosen, if you have no more upgrade points you get sent right back into the game. If you have more upgrade points to spend, the screen flashes white while it loads up new mods to show for the next choice. The problem is that choosing to reroll also looks the same - the screen flashes white and to an observer (chat) it's hard to tell what happened. Two related suggestions for UI quality of life and to reduce confusion:
1. For a chosen mod, highlight its selection border in green or yellow and then animate it traveling from the selection hexes to the columns of chosen mods on the left side. Then transition to next point or return to the game. It can be short (0.5-1 sec)
2. When a reroll is spent, fade all 6 of the mods to gray or black briefly (or explode the hexes apart just slightly, or literally shuffle the positions of the hexes) and then bring them back together with the new mod choices showing.

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Under consideration Quality of Life User Interface

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