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There are two things to improve with ultrawide (21:9, and probably 32:9 but I don't have one of those so I can't tell if all issues are the sames) screens.

First (the easy one): nearly every menu is aligned on the left.
And, the screen being wider than with a 16:9 display, text is too much on the left - which is less confortable - and there is too much void on the right.
Adding a margin on the left for ultrawide displays to have the text start at a similar distance from the center as a on a 16:9 display would help a lot.
(On pages like Settings, don't move the second column as it is aligned with the middle of the screen so it's okay.)

Second (the hard one): the play area is bigger than the screen.
- All around the screen - particularly on top and bottom - there is band not displayed where ships and obstacle can go but are not visible, making things a bit harder
- Score is always outside of the screen.
- Other things seem ok

(I can provide screenshots if needed ;) )

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