[Supermod] Adaptive Constructs

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Core Shielding + Shielded Constructs unlocks Adaptive Constructs. When you pick up this Supermod:
[+] You gain 5 flat hull, 5% base hull, and 5% hull damage resistance
[+] +1% Armour Stack effect for constructs
[+] +50% Armour Stack duration
[+] +10% Rebuke power
[+] Your constructs gain 10 flat hull
[+] Your shield and constructs gain 10% resistance to damage incurred by the player's squad (for example, via Discharge)
[+] Your standard and advanced constructs now benefit from Adaptive Armour
[-] You no longer benefit from Adaptive Armour

Shielded Constructs exists. How about taking it up another level? You sacrifice some of your own protection to turn your constructs into a tanky murder-swarm and stack ~130 Rebuke. I have no clue how Rebuke would get triggered, but especially paired with Apex Machinery, this would let constructs defend you and generally hold their own better - with a self-defense mechanism for anything with enough gall to try and demolish your creations.

Under consideration Super Mod Suggested by: Evertone Upvoted: 03 May Comments: 0

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