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I have found it frustration to travel through the screen edges while using the mouse and keyboard control scheme. I do like using mouse to aim but I had a thought on how to improve it.

Ultimate goal: point in a radial direction regardless of where the mouse pointer is, but still use the mouse to do adjust

I can think of 3 kinds of settings for this style, Window edge lock, Center screen indicator, Center on Ship indicator.

I think the best version might be a ring in the center of the screen. As the mouse moves around the ring the direction of the ship rotates until it matches (center of the ship facing toward the indicator is exactly equivalent to the center of the ring point to the indicator) regardless of where on the screen the ship is. What I'm trying to resolve is the issue that I blast forward toward a wall to escape but because my mouse isn't off the screen so my ship tries to turn or otherwise change it's thrust vector (aka slow down.)

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Under consideration Settings User Interface

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