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Your projectile is replaced with a large flaming meteor that pierces up to 3 enemies and leaves a short-lasting burning wake behind it for 20% of it's own damage per second.
Your projectile count is set to 1 and your firerate to 1.5. Their previous values multiply your original damage value (so if you had a 20 damage blaster with 2 projectiles and a firerate of 3, your new damage becomes 20 x 2 x 3 = 120(The final damage value may need to be reduced by some % so this mod doesn't only make your weapon better).
All other aspects & uniquities and restrictions(such as not being able to use siege for vortex) of your weapon are inherited (aspects/uniques such as velocity(and scaling dmg with it), firing pattern, on-hit blast damage, velocity, innate charge & pull, vulnerability/sparks, a player-centric blast on firing, stockpiling, explosive clusters left behind on hit, etc).

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Under consideration Wild Mod

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