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Singularities are transformed into Nova Singularities, becoming portals to dangerous mini dimensions that fill with enemies at an increasing rate. Opening the menu instead ejects the player from the Singularity after a 5 second period, bringing them
back to normal space.

Nova Singularities are marked with their reward in their center (rerolls, levels, or Mod Boosts). The more enemies you clear before ejecting, the more rerolls or levels you get.

Mod boosts are a %increase to the values of a currently owned player mod. The more enemies defeated, the higher the boost.

Since the player cannot gain exp or level up in the rift without exiting, you must decide how far you can push before leaving to maximize your reward.

Rifts can have special modifiers (increased enemy fire rate, increased enemy spawn speed, enemy size, or reduced player recovery, or more asteroids, really whatever). These are displayed under the reward, forcing players to quickly decide if the risk is worth it.

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