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my main problem with the game is that you end up with roughly the same mods every game. (burst fire, multiple projectiles, massive spread, tracking, etc)

this could be fixed by adding mod trees that offer options where you can only choose one.

for example, the rapid fire tree could look like this:

tier one:
+15% rate of fire (same as before)

tier two (where you can only pick one):
+20% fire rate and 3 round burst (same as before)

+200% fire rate, +20% velocity, -60% damage and projectile size. (turn your weapon into a minigun with lots of small bullets that do little damage.)

+20% fire rate +30% spread (lots of bullets that probably miss)

tier three (all accessible):
siege weaponry (same as before)

war stacks (moved down to here since they don't really change your playstyle)

much more difference between playthroughs could be possible by having real choices instead getting the same mods every playthrough

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