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Some enemies are much higher priority targets than others, but constructs don't take this into account. I suggest assigning a hidden value to each enemy type to help constructs decide which enemies to attack first. E.g.:

1) Boltthrower
2) Warden
3) Enemy cargo
4) Hive
5) Weak points on station omega

... etc. Otherwise, constructs tend to get distracted by lower priority targets, letting the more dangerous enemies run amok and escape, taking their experience orbs with them. This can be extremely frustrating in the early game when the player's constructs are too weak to efficiently chew through sturdy targets like serpents and station omega's exterior, and that experience is desperately needed to build those constructs up so they can handle the sturdier enemies.

Suggested by: Anrita Upvoted: 12 Jan Comments: 1

Under consideration Enemy Mod Quality of Life

Comments: 1

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