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I suggest a new supermod to replace displacement; Anti-U.
When you activate it (same way as blink, and blink/strafe are turned off), you enter a ghost form for 1-2 seconds. While this is on, shield cooldown and recovery is reduced by 90%, you pass through projectiles and you cannot fire. You also gain 100% universal damage reduction and a large boost to friction, turnspeed and thrust.
A strafe-like afterimage trail follows you, and you become more seethrough over time, with the very first afterimage (where you activated the mod) being completely non-seethrough.
Crashing deals no damage to you and blinks you to where you crashed, knocking back enemies slightly and ending the ghost form.
If you do not crash within the duration, you blink back to where you activated Anti-U.

Suggested by: Vogelspin Upvoted: 01 Dec, '20 Comments: 2

Under consideration Quality of Life Super Mod

Comments: 2

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