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Perhaps one way to add this without new buttons or requiring dips into the setting page would be to press and hold the deploy button? Makes more sense as an in-game switch than external setting. If trusting the heart of the card- oops, I mean mods, rather than chasing a set build, whether you'd want construct auto-deploy is something you don't know until you're well into the run.

Many have suggested altering how Architect interacts with auto-deployment, but this seems cumbersome due to the aforementioned issue of foresight and Architect builds being extremely build-dependent on whether they want constructs automatically deployed (and which ones to deploy). Seems Architect can't pull that off on its own without some ridiculously complex build-detection code ahaha
Plus, Turret builds (esp Engineer) would appreciate the ability to toggle this after Vital Bond / Guardian.

Naturally, enable for non-weapon constructs only.
Construct indicator could be shaded to indicate auto mode (orange?)

Suggested by: Squeeshi Upvoted: 02 Nov, '20 Comments: 1

Under consideration Quality of Life Settings

Comments: 1

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