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+ Your projectiles now have your shield effects
- You don't have a shield anymore
- You can't swap shields

Amp - Killing an enemy grants the Amped buff to you and constructs making you deal more damage and increasing incoming damage
Bastion - Grants 1 glass shield surrounding the player when you kill an enemy. The shield takes a single bullet before it breaks
Halo - Drops a Halo upon enemy death that does burn damage and your projectiles now have increased burn damage
Helix - Spawns Helix balls from an enemy's death location
Reflect - Projectiles ricochet off enemies once towards other enemies
Shockwave - Spawns Shockwave effect upon enemy death. Only one at a time may occur
Siphon - Grants life steal and HP regen upon enemy kill
Temporal - Chance to spawn a Temporal zone on enemy death that slows enemies and projectiles
Warp - Chance to teleport enemies on hit. Chance to create a Warp explosion upon enemy death

Anything that involves a "Zone" the size scales with radius

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Under consideration Wild Mod

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