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A Super Mod that brings your ship to a complete stop when you're not thrusting. Could be visually represented by smaller thrust particles leaving your ship in the direction of your movement instead of away from your movement. This would essentially eliminate ship drift for the cost of whatever drawbacks are necessary to balance it out.

Implementation: You should come to a complete stop shortly after releasing thrust, taking slightly longer as the thrust it has to mitigate increases. It should feel like you have much more control over your ship.

Unlock with [Stabilization + Emergency Systems], [Stabilization + ???]

Justification: While drifting is a large part of the game, alternative player control (Twin Stick) is out of scope and this feels like a more integrated way to achieve high degrees of player control. Pair this with additional Rotation Speed mods and you will have very fine ship control.

Suggested by: goki_dev Upvoted: 18 Mar Comments: 1

Under consideration Super Mod

Comments: 1

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