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supermods that can be only be acquired when a certain weapon is used (and works only on that weapon)

FTL: (Railgun + Snipe) - will make railgun projectiles instantly hit the enemy and pierce all enemies in its way shrapnel upon hit is removed

Event Horizon: (Vortex + Purification) - vortex pulls in enemy projectiles
-30% hull/shield

MK.2: (Blaster + Mastery) - makes default equipment 20% more powerful.
+1 damage/hull/shield per level
+1 sub projectile every 10 levels (default at level 10 has 3 projectiles but counts as only 1)

Suggested by: JS Upvoted: 01 Dec, '20 Comments: 3

Under consideration Super Mod Weapon

Comments: 3

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