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Add/Replace a secondary weapon to your ship (only one)that aims and shoots automatically by itself. It's not affected by other mods except those ones.
(when already taken:)
+2%/5% Projectile size, Damage, Rate of fire and Projectile speed of secondary weapon.
Recursive (effect stacks with the other secondary weapon wild mods)

[wild] Secondary Gun/ Secondary Turret
A smaller weaker version of the starting blaster.
Projectile size: 60% of starting blaster
Damage: 8
Rate of fire:0.8/s
Projectile speed: 80% of starting blaster
Range: scales with Projectile size and speed

[wild]Secondary Blast
A smaller weaker version of flak with only 3 or 4 projectiles.
Projectile size: 70% of flak
Damage: 9
Rate of fire:0.5/s
Projectile speed: 70% of flak
Range: same as 1st mod

[wild] Secondary Cannon
Shoots one small grenade.
Blast radius: like a salvo rocket (scales with secondary projectile size)
Damage: 15
Rate of fire:0.3/s
Projectile speed: 75% of grenade
Range: scales with Projectile speed

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Under consideration Wild Mod

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