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(for all 3): Activates and gives you 3 satellites. Satellites are small ovals objects that slowly spin close around the ship (all same distance to each other). When one breaks (physical hit) it trigger an effect. If you have broken satellites it starts a 10 seconds cooldown (that resets on break), at which it restores one satellite at the end and repeats untill all satellites owned are restored.

if already active(already taken 1):
+2 satellites and changes effect. (max 17 satellites in 2 rings, 8 in inner ring, 9 in outer ring)

[wild] Vengeful / Aggressive / Offensive Satellites
on break: Shoots a projectile back in the same direction with 50% of the damage

[wild] Medical Satellites
on break: Heal 2% of hull

[wild] Temporal Satellites
on break: Freezes projectiles and enemies around it for an instant

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Under consideration Wild Mod

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