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Requires Omni Shield and Weaponized Shields.

* Upon choosing this mod you may immediately choose a second type of shield.
* Shield effect power is halved.
* Shield health is divided evenly between the two.
* Shield regeneration is divided evenly between the two. (If only one is damaged, maybe it gets 100% of the shield regeneration?)
* If both shields receive damage simultaneously, the damage is divided equally.
* Effects that are specific to a shield only effect that shield.

Some examples of the interactions:
If you pick both halo shield and siphon shield, the halo damage will only effect the halo shield and the siphon effect will only recharge the siphon shield.
If you have a bastion shield and another shield, then the bastion shield's health will be effected by construct-boosting effects, but the other will not. Since the bastion shield sits further out than other shield types, damage that hits the bastion shield will not hit the other shield and vise versa.

Suggested by: ilikegoodfood Upvoted: 22 Sep, '20 Comments: 1

Under consideration Super Mod

Comments: 1

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