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The idea is to have a set of armor plates that hug the exterior of your ship and act as a buffer. You would have to carefully manage the directions from which you took fire, as each one has a separate health bar, and collisions, while benefiting from hull-effects, would knock out the matching-third of your armor. Values are, of course, demonstrative.

- Your ship is clad in three segments of ablative armor; bow (front), port-aft (left-back) and starboard-aft (right-back)
- Your shield health bar is split into three separate bars, each displaying the health of the corresponding ablative armor segment; left = port-aft, centre = bow, right = starboard-aft
- Each segment has a total hull value equal to X% of your total hull and X% of your total hull regeneration.
- These segments are an extension of your ship's hull, benefiting from mods, hull increases, etc.
- Removes all shield mods from the upgrade pool, excluding shielded drones.
-This shield is not removed by rapid reconstruction.

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Comments: 1

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