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I have had a few frustrating deaths where my allies (interceptors and guardians as well) got lost off-screen for a very long (or a deadly long) period, leaving my Overseer-ed ship basically naked to hostile threats.

While it is obviously not a problem for assault drones since you can instantly call them back by switching their formation, such a trick is unavailable for allies.

My suggestion would be either:

1. to "slightly" (I know it might be not as simple as it looks) tweak their AI to prioritize enemies closer from the player's ship, leaving them less prone to wander off-screen when there are enemies on-screen.

2. or a new mod that adds a new capacity to allies. It could be called "emergency support", and would introduce a temporary boost to your allies with a temporary AI change where they would be called for help and would focus their action on the threats very close to the player's ship. Of course, such capacity would have to have a cooldown to avoid being overused.

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